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Relaxed, luxurious, and layered, prevail together in this renovated Alamo, California, home. Rich in textures and organic elements, this space is the ideal representation of both beautiful and comfortable living.                   

This whole project started with the idea to switch the floors to a lighter you can see, the project grew from the ground up, literally. The moment I walked into this house, I saw all the potential that it had, and what it could be. From the very start, my client was onboard with all of the new ideas and implementing all of the details. The client, a mother to 5 children and a successful real estate agent, was just too busy to pick and choose all the new elements and finishes. She knew she wanted things that looked fresh, crisp, and modern but still inviting. Throughout our incredible journey together, she was so receptive to all of my ideas. She was never afraid of trying new things, and always asked for things that looked different and had bold interest.                                                    

 In the living room, abundant natural light streams effortlessly through floor to ceiling glass doors, while enhancing the soft neutral palette that is tastefully adorned with bold, yet elegant, decor. The kitchen, often referred to as "the heart of the home", was designed to incorporate both beauty and functionality. Showcasing a three-tone cabinet palette, two-tone countertops, custom wood hood, and book matching backsplash, this idyllic space is pleasant, well-balanced, and practical. 

The results speak for themselves and has made this project one of my biggest pride and joys, and actually one of my favorites to date. I am thankful for the amazing team behind the scenes that were able to make all of this happen.   

Company: Natalia Avalos Interiors

Photography: Jessica Brydson & Righter Portraits


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