When we first met with the homeowners they were in desperate need of help with their kitchen. They said that one of the reasons they never cook was because the kitchen felt so uninviting that they wanted to spend the least amount of time as possible in there. Amongst many other things, the kitchen was lacking a functioning flow, the space felt wasted, it was definitely dark and very uninviting. 

Their main goal was to keep the integrity of the house reusing things as much as possible and improve the overall flow or the kitchen and adjacent areas. Besides all the mentioned previously, we managed to fit more cabinetry, enhance the natural lighting by adding skylights as well as artificial light and a functional sitting area. 
The kitchen now feels bright, inviting, well planned, very spacious and as the homeowners said 'the new happy place in the house'. 

Want to see more photos? Check out the bar transformation HERE.

Lead designer: Natalia Avalos

Company: The Home Co.