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This project was a little different. I started working with this lovely couple when everything was framed and 'ready' to go. I quoted ready because the materials weren't selected at that point.

Both clients started with the idea of a super dark kitchen with bold accents and after discussing the pros and cons and presenting the idea of the two-tone cabinets, they fell in love with the concept and rapidly jumped on board with this direction. I always try my best to hear out the clients and implement their wish list, however, when I see that space does not speak the language of their wants and likes, I try my best to explain why something different could be best for the project. This case wasn't the exception were the clients opted for a look that complemented the rest of the house better.

I really enjoyed working with them in the process of selecting the finishes, creating mood boards, going on shopping trips and discuss all the details needed to put this beautiful space together.

As a result, the clients have a wonderful, spacious, neutral yet interesting kitchen. It was a fun process for everyone!


Designed & Staged by Natalia Avalos

Construction by Sinclair Construction.

Read their review here!

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