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The idea of having a basement is always exciting because of the potential storage. Square footage is limited in California so we take every inch we can and use it as best as we can!

When the clients shared with me they had a huge empty and wasted space in their basement and needed help figuring out how to best utilize it, I knew this project was going to be fun. 

Designing a basement can be challenging because of all the different constraints, however, the end result was well worth the challenge when you see how much value, function, and beauty it added to the client’s home.

We started with the clients' vision at the end of 2022. Their desires were clear: they wanted to enhance the look of the laundry area, create a family room, establish an office, and explore the idea of adding a bathroom. We never imagined the addition of a separate bedroom was going to be possible, but we made it happen!

Their primary goal was to use this space for their children, providing them with a dedicated playroom while also making it a welcoming spot for family gatherings and game nights. The addition of a bedroom off of the family room meant they could comfortably host overnight guests as well. 

We were fortunate to have existing windows in the basement, which helped us introduce natural light and create a more inviting atmosphere.

To make the space as versatile as possible, we designed it with multiple activities in mind. It's kid-friendly, perfect for movie nights, conducive to homework sessions, and comfortable for guests. This multifunctional approach ensures that the basement remains a dynamic part of their home.

The inclusion of a unique board and pattern alongside the open room and bedroom served a dual purpose: it covered the foundation, and we found a way to make it aesthetically pleasing and intentional, adding character to the space.

Overall, this basement design project transformed a previously unused and neglected area into a vibrant, functional, and stylish space that the clients and their family can enjoy for years to come.


Project by: Natalia Avalos Interiors

Photography: Jessica Brydson 

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