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Modern classic full of vibrant details & beautiful wide array tonalities are prevalent in this Modern home while maintaining classic elements throughout.

We met with this lovely clients back in 2018 and 4 years forward we completed this charming home. We were lucky the pandemic didn't stop us completely and we were able to continue moving things forward.

The clients were open to transforming their home from the inside and maintaining the envelop of the home as much as possible and that's what we did.

Most of the room stayed in the existing location and others were expanded. A 600 sqft addition was built in the back of the house to create the master suite. 

The charm of this home speaks for itself. Some details to most prevalent details are the beautiful wide-gamut hues alongside classic elements throughout. From the finishes on the furniture to the thoughtfully layered textures in every room. The kitchen with a pure design concept, clean lines, soft tones, and the classic and elegant touch provided by the fixtures' finishes. The master bedroom, filled with comfortable natural light brings a feeling of serenity through layered textural details, calming material palettes, and thoughtful styling touches. The bathroom is wrapped in neutral tones and textures, then we incorporate a navy blue in the vanity along with brass accessories that make it very vibrant and elegant.

Company: Natalia Avalos Interiors

Photography: Jessica Brydson


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