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We started this project pre pandemic with the intention of enhancing the furnishings & decor. After talking to the client for a while I realized she needed more than just decoration to accomplish her vision. Most of the times furniture can make a tremendous difference in a room however architectural details can only be accomplished with a little (or a lot in some cases) of construction. After presenting the initial ideas to the client and showcasing what the space would look like with shiplap and beams she was 100% on board. We started the project with these two essential elements, shiplap & beams, to set the tone of the rest of the space.
Our main focus was to add a lot of subtle layers to the space to achieved the relaxed rustic country look we were looking for. Everything was carefully chosen in light and neutral tones to complement the darker floors and blue built ins. The black fixtures throughout along with some decorative elements provide the modern and fresh look these spaces needed.

With the pandemic lead times the furniture & décor took forever to arrive however it was worth the while. The Family Room & Dining Room now feel well put together and finished. 

Project by: Natalia Avalos Interiors

Photography: Jessica Brydson 

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