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When we first moved into our home, I had the idea of building a 'she shed' to work on my paintings, and maybe as an office for myself. We had this space in our backyard that was just full of bark, and nothing else. Two years after we had moved in, we finally decided to get started on it because we needed the extra space. Unfortunately, this was also the year that the pandemic hit, so then we couldn't start when we were finally ready because of shelter in place orders. Fast forward a few months later we welcomed our first son and he came with the eager of keep things moving along and we did it!. We started back in June 2020 and took about 5 weeks to be fully completed. Now, we are so glad it is finished, because it gives us extra room in our house, and is an extra space outside of the home that feels like a warm escape. If I had to choose my favorite part of this remodel I would say it is definitely all the natural light pouring into this space accompanied by earthy feel of being in the middle of nature.

Designed & Styled by Natalia Avalos Interiors

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