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There is so much to tell about this whole project. Starting off with the clients, they were so amazing to work with; they knew exactly what they wanted - they knew both the look and feel they wanted to achieve.  We started working with these two lovely ladies back in 2017 with the idea of just renovating the kitchen and a bathroom. Fast forward two years and the project evolved into a whole home renovation. The thing about working on projects that take 2+ years is that they can bring several challenges, some of which include quickly switching gears, changing concept directions, rethinking choices, and so much more. However, all of those challenges are so worth it when the final product reflects all of the hard work, dedication, commitment, and not-so-easy decisions that were made. On our very last day together, the clients said to me: “This is by far the best house I have ever been to!” and it was that compliment that made this whole project, and all of its challenges, worth it to me.

Designed & Styled by Natalia Avalos

In Collaboration with The Home Co.

For more beautiful pictures of this whole home remodel click here! 

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