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Natalia was amazing to work with, she helped guide us on a full remodel of our home. She made the design process effortless by doing a lot of the research needed upfront, so that it simplified the process of narrowing down the many choices that we had to make.

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We had the pleasure of having Natalia as a full-time designer at our design-build firm for 3 years, where she did a great job. Recently we completed an entire home remodel and addition at our house, and I hired Natalia to assist in space planning and sourcing materials to complete the styling for our "new home". What fun it was working with her as a client! Natalia sent me CAD drawings with existing furniture and new furniture we had purchased, helped conceptualize the space, and sourced pillows, art, and other items we needed to complete the interior design. Then she came over and we styled the house with existing art, books, and ceramics, and voila - a beautiful new space! While I love to decorate and shop for furniture, there were areas where I needed assistance, such as paint colors, furniture and art placement, and displaying various objects and ceramics pieces that I had and loved. She was always open to mixing old with new, contemporary with classic, and highlighting my favorite objects. She was very quick to reply to my emails (as a design-build owner, I respected her time and kept it to business hours), and gave me options for different price points. Overall, working with Natalia saved me a lot of time, and was educational and fun. Most importantly, we love our finished home! We highly recommend working with Natalia!

Natalia was great to work with on our kitchen remodel! She really helped us figure out the best configuration for our kitchen to be both functional as well as beautiful. We could not be happier! Natalia made sure the design integrated well with the rest of our house. She is responsive and efficient with everyone’s time - highly recommend! We hope to work with Natalia again once we’re ready for our next renovation project.


Natalia Avalos - was great to work with. We used her to design our guest and primary bathrooms, she gave us many options (drawings) to choose from. Natalia made it so easy and had some great ideas. In addition, any concerns or questions we had she would respond in a timely manner, which was so important to us. Her expertise was invaluable.


Natalia is wonderful! She has a great eye for style and design and helped make all the decisions much easier. She helped us design two bathrooms and next project will be our kitchen! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. After working with Natalia, you will have a beautiful home that you love. She did a great job staying on budget and offering different options that would work for our space. She is professional, experienced and fun! All the things you would want in a designer.

Christy Vu

Natalia is so talented and my family is so grateful for transforming our new house into a home. I was initially undecided about hiring an interior designer. I knew what styles I liked but haven’t been able to create a complete cohesive look on my own. I am SO happy we decided to work with Natalia. She quickly understood our aesthetic and then elevated it to a new level. She understood scale in a way that I didn’t and was able to help us choose furniture and art that really transformed our space. Things that I thought wouldn’t work really ended up fitting perfectly so I would definitely say trust the process!! For example, I would have never thought our living room could fit two couches AND side chairs but it really works. We are so happy to have the extra seating and the space feels filled and not crowded. She also encouraged us to choose larger art pieces and she was 1000% right!! Those pieces are some of my favorite parts of our house and really complete each room. She has great attention to detail, responsiveness, and of course amazing style. We can be indecisive and are both quite busy but she was patient while also pushing us along to move forward. She was such a pleasure to work and made the process fun! If you are on the fence about hiring a designer I would say 1) absolutely do it and 2) hire Natalia! We receive SO many compliments on our beautiful home but most importantly we LOVE it and it feels like us. It turned out even better than we could have imagined. Thank you Natalia!!

...Our designer Natalia was extremely helpful and meticulous when it came to all aspects of the project. She kept us on task, so we didn’t lose momentum. Having her do some research and shopping for us streamlined the process immensely. After spending time with us, she knew what would work in our design and what we would like. She accompanied us on various shopping trips to look at patio doors, floor tile, backsplash tiles, drawer pulls and knobs, hardware, etc. Her input and attention to detail was invaluable.  Natalia also went above and beyond what we expected. One example is her input when we were selecting paint colors for the walls.  It was harder than we thought to choose paints that would complement not only the cabinets, but the countertops, backsplash and tile floor. We had proudly made our selections and had texted them to Natalia so she could notify the painter who was coming the next day. She texted a very diplomatic comment regarding our choices and offered to come by the next morning at 7 a.m. so we could go through paint chips together. She came, we chose alternate colors, drove to the paint store to get samples, painted splotches on the walls and chose colors that were far superior to what we had originally chosen.  We were so glad she did that for us and we love the kitchen and the colors!

...After we signed the contract with them Natalia began the design process.  She was absolutely fantastic, guiding us through the process and keeping us on time and on budget.  Having never remodeled before, we really appreciated her knowledge and responsiveness, not to mention her design aesthetic. 

We absolutely love the painting and are so excited about it. My husband said he really wanted to thank you specifically for the drip elements. Thank you for merging our two styles :)


Cassandra Marques

We recently moved into a new apartment and were in desperate need of artwork, Natalia immediately came to mind. The entire process was incredible, she requested pictures of the space and furniture and asked what color scheme we wanted and what style painting. Our only requirements were a neutral color pallet, abstract art, and that gold leaf is incorporated. We were amazed at the result, the painting is stunning and took our breath away. Natalia is a true artist and made our apartment feel like home. Artwork truly makes the difference in a space and we could not be happier.

...Soon after, we met with Natalia, our designer, and the process began. This was our first time doing a remodel, so we were a little nervous, but we didn't need to be. Everything went smoothly for the most part. When there was a hiccup, it was corrected almost immediately. Natalia was awesome!! She was patient and supportive, even during the times when I was incredibly indecisive (which was probably a lot). Natalia always guided me in the right direction with our design, and even encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, which resulted in a gorgeous kitchen that was beyond our expectations. My husband was so proud of our new kitchen, that he showed pictures of it to all his coworkers, and received tons of compliments.

We loved working with our decorator, Natalia Avalos. Both the Decorist team and Natalia took the time to understand our needs and helped us accomplish what we wanted for our space. We had never worked with a designer before and Natalia took the time to explain the process. She got to know us and was genuinely interested in understanding our style. She made recommendations and provided detailed explanations as to why those recommendations were being made. In the end, Natalia designed 2 rooms for us that were exactly what we wanted and hoped for. We look forward to working with her in the future.

Susan B.


Sara Bari

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Erin Kerrigan

Natalia is an amazing designer, and we refer her to everyone we know, including our contractors! We used her for our kitchen remodel in 2019 and her design elements were amazing and aligned with our style. She made our kitchen functional and beautiful, helping us spend our budget where it mattered for high quality pieces. She was very patient with us around the tile selection, and we still get compliments on the beauty of kitchen regularly. We loved her so much that we enlisted her help to design our master suite sanctuary in 2022. Unfortunately, I received a job offer taking us away from this house before we could implement the vision. Nevertheless, her design choices and functionality were right in line with what we were looking for, and she helped us navigate thinking though all the little details. We are extremely sad not to see this plan as a reality. However, we are marketing her design plans as part of the house sale so people can see what the master suite could be and pick up where we left off. Even though she learned we were moving, she still took care to finish the project and provide all the necessary information. As we are getting ready to sell, she helped us with picking out new lighting for our front entry way to ensure a better wow factor as well as helping us with design elements on a main floor bathroom. I am grateful for her friendship and help making our spaces as beautiful as possible. We will miss her and highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone! Some pictures of the kitchen remodel included for reference!


Natalia helped us completely transform our basement from dark and unusable to modern and bright. She created a thoughtful layout to ensure that our growing family had space to play, work and entertain. She was mindful of our budget and helped us decide when to save and when to splurge to make sure our home turned out beautiful. She is incredibly creative and decisive which helped me feel confident making so many decisions! Her designs for custom cabinets, stairs, and open shelving give our space an elevated feeling that we never could have achieved without her. Natalia is a very professional, dedicated, and talented Designer. I feel very thankful that we worked with her, would gladly do another project with her and would highly recommend her to anyone!

Natalia is an extremely talented designer. She designed our guest bath and office to a level that is off the charts! She exceeded every level I imagined. She has an incredibly high level of vision, creativity, passion, patience, and sophistication. I loved how she took our small project and treated it like it she was designing her own house. She put so much love, heart, and soul into every detail. Also, every stage of our remodel was well defined, organized, planned, and on time. If you want someone to "step up your game and turn your space into a magical reality ....Natalia is your designer!


I can't say enough good things about Natalia. Her style is impeccable but what really sets her apart is flexibility on level of service and ability to lean in to help more where I needed it and just helping steer me in the right direction for areas I felt more confident. I couldn't even articulate what I wanted at first, but she was so quick to help me define the feeling I was after. Natalia is both big picture oriented and detail focused and made the entire process so easy (and fun!).

WOW! When we purchased our new home we knew we wanted to get some expertise so the new spaces felt purposeful and cohesive. Hiring Natalia was the best decision! Natalia was nothing short of amazing from beginning to end. She brought us ideas we never would have considered but still made the spaces feel like us. We couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to using Natalia for all of our upcoming remodels and future projects—she’s truly the best!

Dee Gray

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My husband and I worked with Natalia for a kitchen and three bath remodel in our home.  We had a few ideas, but we did not have a specific vision of what we wanted.  We mostly knew what we didn’t like.  Natalia took all the photos we sent her, really listened to us, and came up with designs and schemes for all 4 rooms that both my husband and I loved and agree upon, with very little back and forth!  She met us at various locations to choose granite, fixtures, tiles, always did her research first and she’d get there early to gather all the samples before we’d arrive to save us all time.  She made an overwhelming project for us super fun, and we absolutely love our new “home.”  I’d work with Natalia again in a blink, and highly recommend her. 

Cristina Galvez

Natalia Avalos was a pleasure to work with. She was very accommodating and was very flexible. She responds to all my questions right away and was very patient. She provided me with a lot of options and was very easy to work with. Most of all, she transformed our formal living room and dining room and made it more cohesive. Thanks Natalia!


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