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The Natalia Avalos Interior Design Studio offers full-service interior design & decoration. Specializing in residential projects in the SF Bay Area, studio ownership partners with local contractors, architects, and vendors overseeing all phases of the design process, from initial concepts and space planning through installation.


Natalia Avalos is the Owner and Principal designer of the Natalia Avalos Interiors Design Studio.

Creative, artistic, and entrepreneurial, Natalia has been working in the residential field since 2011 collaborating with interior designers, architects, contractors, and builders to create unique and polished looks for her client’s most loved spaces. Born and raised in Mexico, Natalia's background and upbringing inspire her to design with culture in mind and to draw others into new perspectives.


Natalia has a keen eye for detail and loves textures as well as neutral colors. Natalia uses her expertise in space planning, cabinetry, and furnishings to deliver a clean and fresh approach to design. She layers elements, textures, and materials to create a flawless, well-developed space. Natalia’s passion for modern spaces and classic architecture reflects her style when designing her clients’ homes. She understands that the design is in the details, and she takes pride in the level of attention she pays to every aspect of a project.

Natalia uses nature, people, and places as inspiration in her work. At the age of 6, she discovered her passion for art and started painting after she met her first teacher, an artist from Denmark who had a studio in her hometown. Since then, she has developed her passion for creating art into a skill for creating beautiful spaces.


As a firm believer in continuous education, she has attended programs in top international schools like ESDI Barcelona in Spain, New York University, and UC Berkeley to complement her Construction and Interiors background. She is an accredited Associate Kitchen Bath (AKB) Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).  


A home should be just as functional as it is beautiful and tell the story of the people that inhabit the space. It should reflect their lifestyle, likes, and most importantly personalities. All of these elements come together to create the essence of what we call home.

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