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It all started with a conversation that went like this, "I see a lot of neutrals in your website. I like your style, but I love color. Can you work with color as well?" The home was beautiful but felt dark and heavy. 

During the design phase, the wife kept mentioning wanting a bright, cheerful, cozy, and colorful room - "I love color" she would repeat. The client’s goal was to keep different areas to entertain in, but with a better flow. At our initial meeting we walked through the whole house, and the moment we stepped into the downstairs area, the client said, "I don't know what to do with this room, I feel lost on what we can accomplish here." Even though it was a large open space, the areas felt too fragmented to easily use. Each area was its own closed off space and didn't freely flow into the next. One of the husbands’ requests was to keep the bar, he really liked his bar and did not want to lose it. They gave me their wants and wishes, and I listened closely. By moving the bar to the other side of the room, flipping the couch around, and putting a bistro table in the corner where the bar had been, it opened up the entire space so much and felt so much more functional. And of course, all the color was brought in, but the space still felt calm and cozy. And not just downstairs, but upstairs as well. As soon as you walked in the front door you were greeted by a fun, cheerful wallpaper in the entryway, and warmly welcomed into the most relaxing living room. This theme was carried throughout the home into the guest bathroom, the primary suite, and the office as well.

The clients were such a dream to work with; they trusted the process, openly listened to ideas, and worked together to make this beautiful transformation happen. This now bright, cheerful, cozy, and colorful home really is the result of some amazing teamwork.

Project by: Natalia Avalos Interiors

Photography: Jessica Brydson 

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