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We started working with these lovely clients back in 2021 with the idea of doing a quick facelift to their home. After seeing that the bathrooms needed a lot of work we re-do all the areas and kept a similar layout for the most part; except for the laundry room. The Washer and Dryer were relocated from a closet to a new room created specifically for this purpose.

For the overall design, we made sure that the house feel integrated with the outdoor and the surrounding spaces. The whole property is sitting on an acre of redwoods and it was important to the clients to utilize as many natural materials as possible.

We achieved this look and feel by utilizing natural materials with a lot of texture and movement such as white oak wood for most of the cabinets and built-ins, marble throughout the primary bathroom in a herringbone format for the floors, and a large format for the shower walls. The freestanding tub is made out of stone and the countertop is black quartz.

The fireplace has a wood surround on the mantel and is wrapped with a natural stone. For the guest bathroom we achieved the earthy look and feel integrating porcelain floors with a lot of movement and creamy subway tiles for the shower walls.

For the overall design, we wanted to integrate the outdoors with the indoors, to make feel the continuity between them because this house is surrounded by redwood.

Designed & Styled by Natalia Avalos

In Collaboration with Sinclair Construction.

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