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This project was the product of needing a better kitchen. The client knew she wanted a bigger space, but she didn’t think that was possible given the tight and difficult layout. The initial design plan was a gray kitchen with stainless steel appliances because that's what was "on trend." However, blue is her favorite color, but she didn’t think the blue kitchen of her dreams was achievable. But once she got a hold of a blue cabinet sample, the whole design plan changed. She was so receptive of new ideas and suggestions, just as long as they stayed within the budget. We worked together closely on the design to make sure the dark color wouldn't make the space feel small and uninviting, since after all, the whole goal was bigger and brighter. By doing two-tone cabinets, adding matching cabinet panels to the fridge, using a white countertop, and white backsplash (with a fun accent piece above the range), we were able to keep the kitchen feeling light and spacious. As for the layout, we were able to create: a spacious peninsula, a ton more storage, and even a dog room! The result was beyond her expectations; she was so incredibly happy and couldn't thank us more for making her dream kitchen come to life. 

Designed & Staged by Natalia Avalos

In Collaboration with The Home Co.

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