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When we first met with the homeowners, they were in desperate need of help with their kitchen. They said that one of the reasons they never cook was because the kitchen felt so uninviting that they wanted to spend as little amount of time as possible in there. Part of that uninviting feeling was because it felt dark, but it was also lacking functionality, and there were spaces that felt wasted. What they envisioned was a very sleek contemporary kitchen that would make their Mediterranean home feel updated and refreshed. We were sure to preserve some of the original elements of the house, such as the wood ceilings and beams, as well as the stunning oak window frames. We also made sure that the new style would not clash with the original architectural style of the home. Mixing different materials was definitely the key to accomplishing this beautiful, finished look! The kitchen now feels bright, inviting, well-planned, and more spacious, and as the homeowners said, "the new happy place in the house."

Want to see more photos? Check out the bar transformation HERE.

Designed & Styled by Natalia Avalos 

In collaboration with The Home Co.

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