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Definitely one of my favorite kitchens!

When I first met with this lovely client she made her point very clear. The family wasn’t looking just to have a pretty kitchen. Living in their forever home, the family wanted to create a functional, interesting, unique and yet functional kitchen. A place where everyone would have their own space to prepare & cook meals. Also, they wanted designated areas and cabinets for specific routines such as a drawer to store bread, cutting board to prepare sandwiches, a cabinet to plug electronic devices, and a place to display their China amongst many other things. The process involved lots of meetings and discussions regarding the layout, finishes & tons of details. Despite the most involved client had a very good idea of the overall look, she needed help putting ideas together and making sure the kitchen would feel clean, bright, warm & inviting.
The remodel exceeded everyone’s expectations and now they have their dream kitchen. 
I am always grateful to work with clients that really take the time & effort to make things happen. I could not be happier and satisfied with how this project turned out!

Designed & Staged by Natalia Avalos

Construction by MSK Design Build.

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