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If you are remodeling your bathroom most likely you have experienced how frustrating it is to find a tile you love to only find out the source is from Australia (if you are in the US) or to simply not even find any sources. The reason I mentioned Australia is because I tend to like ALL of the tiles, stones and mood boards that I find on the internet. I love a muted serene look with a lot of texture and I was determined to find it. 

As I quickly started gathering all my inspirational pictures I realized the answer was natural stone for the floors. In my search I stumble upon limestone, marble, travertine or similar. All these have one thing in common. They are considered light stones which means, they can stain. I ordered a bunch of samples of limestone trying to find the perfect shades, format and texture and I did find some favorite options! Including this beauty. I was almost 95% I wanted this to be the tile I wanted to use until 2 things got in my way. One, the lead time and 2 I couldn't stop thinking about the staining factor. I will circle back to this idea later, let me get to the first point first :)

Lead time, as I mentioned initially, we weren't thinking of redoing the whole bathroom at first. We were going to use the miracle method to refinish the blue tub change the toilet and keep the tile choices so when we decided that we actually needed one bathroom that the entire family loved and shared it wasn't going to work! so in the process of doing just light touch ups to move in to the house we decided well, let's just gut the entire bathroom and that's what we did. So going back to the lead time, I had the option of ordering the pretty tile I wanted and move in 8 weeks later or just find a replacement. In the process of exploring new options, and really open to alternatives, I found other limestones I like but nothing felt comparable to that one. I started to worry about urine disclosing and etching the tiles, sorry boys are messy! I started to explore the world of porcelain tiles. I came across to a beautiful picture on Pinterest and that felt like the right tile for me. 


Photo Feb 21 2024, 12 09 26 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 15 2024, 10 17 21 AM_edited.jpg


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